Reclaiming My Body The LCHF Way

I have made New Year’s resolutions a gazillion times. I’ve said “This will be the year I… (fill in the gap)” and then (mostly) did diddly about it.Well, this will be the year (lol) I actually do something about it. What’s different this time? Well, I began actively working towards these goals in December last year. Trial runs.



One of my resolutions is to get my body back. Once upon a time I had a petite, Asian-esque, skinny body. Now, I hardly recognize myself. How I feel does not equal the reflection I see in a store window I walk pass. I feel like Humpty Dumpty that is too dumpy to even fall of the wall. Before my skinny self wouldn’t sit on the wall long enough to count because the wind would blow me off, now my behind grasps and anchors itself with the remarkable efficiency of cement.

I blame age, quitting smoking and moving to the Middle East for this unseemly weight gain. When folk warned us about picking up the expat’s ‘ Middle Eastern ton’, they were not being facetious. To cope,  I have learnt to divorce who I am mentally from who I have become physically. My goal this year is to reclaim my body.

Enter Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) living! I’ve done this and what feels like every other diet under the sun since becoming an expat. I even had tests done and had dietitian approved meals delivered daily (I put on weight with that one)! The LCHF way of eating is the only one that has worked for me (provided I don’t cheat). 


I started LCHF eating a week before my December vacation, stopped while on vacation and now, fast forward to after the gluttonous Festive Season and I’m back on the diet. So far so good. I am managing the carb and sugar withdrawal just fine too. This time around… I will not cheat (and have not cheated- yay!!! 🙂 ). I am determined to feel hot – or at least less like Humpty Dumpty – again.

The wonderful thing about living in today’s world is that somewhere out there, someone has a solution to your problem. With basic computer skills and internet connectivity, you can find it. I  have spent many hours in carb or sugar withdrawal-induced stupor staring at recipes on Pinterest and then trying them out.  My LCHF coping mechanism is to make and enjoy  low carb, high fat, sugar- free food that does not taste like charcoal, dog turds or vomit. I have a few ‘go to’ recipes for those carb and sugar cravings and I’m sharing them with you. These are not my recipes so I will plonk the links in here so you visit and thus give kudos to their creators.

Craving carbs…

  • Have warm bread made with coconut flour that takes 90 seconds to make in the microwave. They’re smell of coconutty goodness but don’t taste of it. They are like a hybrid of an English muffin meets an English scone / American biscuit. I send them in hubby’s lunch box with a variety of fillings or slather it with butter while warm and top with cheddar to have with tea! Coconut flour may be a bit more expensive than all purpose flour but it lasts for ages because this fibre-rich flour  sucks up moisture and expands. Healthy Recipes Blog: Low Carb Microwave Bread –
  • Life changing crackers. Once on a visit to South Africa, I found Banting seed and nut crackers. They’re available in health shops for a small fortune but are worth every penny. I brought some back to Kuwait. When they were finished, I Googled until I found the recipe for them. Arguably, it isn’t exactly the same but it still gives a mouthful of salty, nutty goodness with every bite. The perfect edible utensil for scooping up hummus, guacamole or simply topped with a spread of good, old Philadelphia cream cheese. My New Roots: The Life Changing Crackers –

life changing crackers

  • This is one of my favorite sandwich bread recipe finds. It tastes exactly like the health or seed bread you find in stores. I make one loaf and it feeds hubby and me lunch  sandwiches  for a week (I store it in the fridge in cling film).  Helga Van Niekerk: Easiest Banting Seed Bread Ever –


Craving sugar:


I have bread and desssert recipes galore stored on Pinterest- from crappy ones to amazing! I’ll post the amazing ones here sometimes.  If you can’t wait, go check out Aneesa Price on Pinterest.

So, that’s resolution one being worked on. My goal is to fit back into my sexy Zara winter wardrobe when we go to Paris in April. Hubby will be with me in Paris this time and Humpty Dumpty must go ‘bye-bye’. It will happen because I will cook and eat myself thin. If you want to join me, keep an eye on recipes I will be posting on this blog or follow me on Pinterest –

Now, let me get back to working on one of my other New Year’s resolutions… finishing my current novel.

Bon Appetit!